The Merchant’s Yard, Tideswell

The Merchant’s Yard, Tideswell


We have recently been involved in a new restaurant project in Tideswell. The Merchant’s Yard is a brand new restaurant which is on the site of the old Markovitz Merchant’s Yard. The restaurant has been designed to have a modern industrial feel with bare brick work, metal work and rustic woods.

Upstairs we have boarded all the fronts and tops of the seating area. We also did the front of the bar the same. We have finished the wood to give it an old rustic feel. The table tops we have made really chunky and once again have got that old ‘used’ feel to them, however they have been treated so they can stand the high usage of a busy restaurant.  The 2 high bar tables look really lovely against the bare brick work and once again have a weathered in look to them.

At one end of the restaurant there is a relaxed seating area and on the large wall here we have made an old fashioned bookcase with drawers. This bookcase looks great with all the old jars filled with various builders bits and pieces and really fits in with the theme of the restaurant. The rack behind the bar was also made to fit and is used for all the many bottles of drinks.

Finally, we made the stair treads for the wonderful metal staircase. These have been made from solid oak so will stand a great deal of feet! The lovely rich colour of the oak looks really great against the black metal work.

This has been a great project to have been involved with and all that’s left for us is to go and try some of the delicious dishes and sample the wines that are on the menu!

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